corporate functions

When it comes to catering to your needs, we’re as flexible as your boss is when it comes time to decide what really counts as overtime. Projectors, sound systems, desks, microphones, multiple rooms and more are available if the CEO insists on congratulating everyone before you congratulate yourself with a bevvy.

Our private party rooms and reserved areas fit groups of all sizes and are a boss place to celebrate a good year in business, or to forget a bad one. Raise a few jars by reserving a table or get ready to wrap that tie around your forehead in one of our private party rooms.



Remember the ‘80s? Us neither, we were “quite intoxicated.” Make your party worth (almost) remembering with our Miami inspired Disco Bordello complete with a state of the art sound system, DJ equipment and neon lights on a private top floor bar and balcony with room for 85 guests who wanna party in a pre-lockout era (metaphorically).



If you’ve never been to The Tea Room are you even from Sydney? This right-of-passage room fits 120 guests who will be treated to a private bar and balcony complete with DJ equipment, club lights and a stage with two projectors (cause we’re all about excess). This ain’t your nana’s tea party (unless your nana likes to get cerebral, in which case bring her along).

Worls_Bar_Sydney_0069 (1).jpg


The cherished cocktail bar is the best place to get the heart pumping before you dive deeper into the club. With room for 100, you can’t miss the raised lounge area if you want to start your night right.



Soak up the great outdoors while you soak up some drinks on the Lower Terrace, a quieter zone with bookings for up to 40 people and a haven for those who don’t want to be bothered by whipper-snappers and second hand smoke.



Feel like an absolute legend as you sit in your roped off private party precinct on the Upper Terrace. Room for 25-30 overlooking the wild of Bayswater road, come for the privacy, stay because you’re finally being treated how you deserve.